Hanami Party

A Hanami Party is when a group gathers together under the sakura blossoms to drink and be merry. I went to my first one in March. A group of friends made an event on Facebook and we headed down to Yoyogi Park next to Harajuku Station in Tokyo. Unfortunately, on this day the sakura blossoms were not in bloom. That didn’t stop us from enjoying the wonderful weather.

Aren't we cute?

Potluck style!

We ate so much food! I brought pizza, Mike brought s’mores cheesecake (that’s right you’re jealous), Mari brought a lot of different Japanese style foods like onigiri, and of course everyone brought drinks. Vera surprised me with some delicious wine. With every new person, more food came. We also tossed a football around, played Monopoly and had a grand old time.

Of course, immediately following this party the sakura blossoms decided to pop up and make everything gorgeous. I won’t lie though, I felt a little slighted at mother nature for not bringing them out earlier.


When I would walk to class for the two weeks the sakura were in bloom, I felt so peaceful. I walked into school with a smile on my face and a pep in my step. Spring is here! Spring is here!

The nest weekend, I went to another hanami party in Tokyo. I went to Shinjuku-gyoen to meet up with volunteers and the planning committee for the Tokyo Rainbow Pride parade. On April 29th, people marched down the streets of Tokyo to support LGBTQ efforts in Japan. It was quite amazing, and unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera. Still, it was cool. Trust me.

God, I love Japan.

I can’t wait for the next spring!

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