Introduction to Ibarakese

Introduction to Ibarakese.

In addition to this, I would like to introduce “da pe!”

-da pe (だぺ)  – used just like desu (です)

And a funny story to share.

Once upon a time, I went out with the PTA to make some hazy memories. At some point, all the men were yelling out something and at the end they were saying, “~da pe!”

I tried to listen over and over again for ~masu or ~desu, but they weren’t using either of the normal verb endings. I had absolutely no idea what anybody was saying.

Finally, my JTE came over and gave me a small Ibaraki-ben lesson on da pe. Turns out, you can usually use it like desu, but it’s usually only used by the older generations in my area. I started using it for fun. “Bieru da pe! Hoshi da pe! Sashimi da pe!”

At this point a man beside me said something about speaking proper Japanese and I shouldn’t be learning the wrong Japanese. I will claim that I never did this later, but I totally put my hand on his head and said, “Baka da pe! (This is an idiot!)” And the guy laughed so hard he nearly died.

I highly recommend to NEVER EVER DO THAT EVER, but for me it ended well. I apologized to him and we all sang karaoke. Also, I will never do it again.

Still, fun times in Itako. They happen 🙂


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