My Lolita Adventure!

It was a fine three day weekend. I started it off by heading up to Katsuta to have some fun with a few friends, one of whom will be leaving shortly to return to America. He’s the one with the ginger beard below.

You shall be missed, King Jason.

I had an excellent time drinking beer and eating a “chicken fajita” at the Katsuta Duck. I received fantastic news that night from Shayla about a new Sailor Moon anime that will be coming out possibly within the next year or two. I did my little otaku squeal of joy and now I’m avidly reading through the anime forums for any talk about it. So stoked!

The following Monday, I had the day off. I made a date with Kriss, a wonderful friend and highly knowledgeable about Lolita, to go into Harajuku and/or Shinjuku to see about a Lolita outfit.

I’m nearly a complete Lolita n00b. I know not the best designers from the chumps. To me, Lolita looks pretty. That’s about it. Kriss happily told me he’d be my guide through this land of fabric dreams made real.

Mother of Fantasy!

Kris and I met at Harajuku Station. From there, we walked down a road looking at people in a variety of lace, ribbon, and poofy skirts. We went into several small shops, and most of which didn’t allow for pictures inside.

Kris Leading Me into PopLand

I highly recommend this store! Pop Land has many, many reasonably priced Goth-Punk and Lolita outfits. Also, killer accessories!

Of course, I ignored this rule for the most part and took pictures anyway. I lost count of how many stores we went into all together, but they all made me feel so happy. Kriss has officially got me hooked, and I need more, more, MORE!

I want the one on the right so bad. I love the black/white maid looking outfits the best!

The store I ended up buying my outfit in was called Putumayo. It’s Kriss’ favorite store, and I can see why.

I found Lolita Wonderland!

I intended to buy something on sale. That day was a holiday and nearly every store had 50% to 70% off most items. I promptly turned to the new section and fell in love with a dress that cost about 13,500 yen. I tried it on and it not only fit but actually looked good on me. Fully sold on the dress, the adorable saleslady was very helpful in destroying the remnants of my money with a small hat with a white rabbit attached and a white blouse to go underneath.

And that’s how I ended up with this number:

I’m ready for my Un-Birthday Party!

I ended up getting the necklaces with clubs and spades at Pop Land for much cheaper, but the majority of the outfit came from Putumayo. I love both stores and I’m going back with Kriss in the near future.

I love you, Harajuku!

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