The Fight to Dance in Japan!

My article got into the iAJET Gazette! Check it out! I talk about the anti-dancing laws and what people can do to change them.

iAJET Gazette 2013 Winter Edition

Editor: Susan ThomasLayout: Albert David

Editor: Susan Thomas
Layout: Albert David


Summary provided by editor: It features a new, stunning layout by Mr. Albert David Valderrama and content to match. Travel to Mt. Akina, the heart of the speed-demon manga “Initial D,” with Albert David as your guide. Kriss Scott, our official Japanese Counterculture correspondent, names his “Top 5 Anime and Manga that Aren’t Internationally Famous (but Should Be).” Want to learn a martial art while in Japan? Get started by reading Mike Foki’s guide to budo or “the way of the warrior.”

In other news, I’ll be the new editor of the iAJET Gazette come April! I’m so excited to get started!


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