It’s a little scary to think that I might come back someday and become one of these “unfortunate victims are picked at random daily” by the “bad group of immigration officials at Narita that power trip on detaining foreigners entering Japan.” I’ve personally never experienced this problem myself, but I’ve heard tales from friends about harassment from the immigration services and security at Narita. Be careful, and if it happens to you, contact your embassy as soon as possible to let them know what happened.

Globalite Watchdog

Airline passengers, rights groups cite decades of corruption, extortion, rights violations at Tokyo’s Narita airport, once known as “Japan’s Vietnam” for its violent clashes and heavy security. 

by Christopher Johnson

Most travellers find Japan one of the safest countries in the world, even after the March tsunami and nuclear disasters. Haneda Airport in Tokyo Bay has won rave reviews for its new international wing.

But behind the scenes at Narita International Airport about 65 kilometres outside Tokyo, rights groups say that thousands of foreigners, including several Canadian expat workers in Japan, have been locked up in windowless dungeons under the airport, treated like criminals, separated from their luggage and wallets, and denied the right to immediately call lawyers, embassies or family. According to rights groups and several eyewitness accounts the past two decades, a shadowy group of security guards, subcontracted by airlines and possibly linked to organized crime, have harassed…

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