Random Fact: My School is Terrifying at Night

I went to my school tonight because my JTE needed to send an email before we headed off to dinner. I made a scary discovery about my school when we did: it’s horror movie terrifying in the empty dark. No one is around to hear you scream and the whole thing brings back memories of Japanese horror movies I watched a long time ago.


I tried to not imagine something lurking in the dark but I failed. Luckily I had my JTE and the staff room lights on to defend against the evil surely waiting for me out there.


My JTE even tried to comfort me, “This is a new school so it’s not like the other schools.”

I laughed nervously, “So no ghosts here? Right?”

She nodded and laughed. Of course, my brain decided to go, “Wait. Did she just say other schools are haunted?!”


Nightmares, I will have them.

24 Japanese names with strange meanings in other languages

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In Japan, the meaning of names can often be easily understood since they are typically made up of two or three Chinese characters. But what does that same name mean in other languages? Often, nothing. But sometimes a Japanese name can be translated as something as mundane as “bear cub” or as embarrassing as “pubic hair.” Take a look at 24 Japanese names that mean something entirely different when said in another language.

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