Random Fact: My School is Terrifying at Night

I went to my school tonight because my JTE needed to send an email before we headed off to dinner. I made a scary discovery about my school when we did: it’s horror movie terrifying in the empty dark. No one is around to hear you scream and the whole thing brings back memories of Japanese horror movies I watched a long time ago.


I tried to not imagine something lurking in the dark but I failed. Luckily I had my JTE and the staff room lights on to defend against the evil surely waiting for me out there.


My JTE even tried to comfort me, “This is a new school so it’s not like the other schools.”

I laughed nervously, “So no ghosts here? Right?”

She nodded and laughed. Of course, my brain decided to go, “Wait. Did she just say other schools are haunted?!”


Nightmares, I will have them.