Best Ways to Aid in Tohoku Relief Efforts

Tokyo Desu

In recognition of the third anniversary of the devastating March 11, 2011 East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster, we’ve decided to take a break from our usual knob gags and dangerous shenanigans to tell you how you can help those that were most deeply affected by the tsunami and ongoing nuclear crisis in Tohoku:

(Photo Via: Wikimedia Commons) (Photo Via: Wikimedia Commons)

Japan Volunteers

Japan Volunteers is a blog with a huge list of ways to help out, including account numbers for depositing donations and a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities.

Second Harvest Japan

If you’re too broke, lazy or busy to leave the Tokyo area, you might consider volunteering with Second Harvest Japan. Last we checked, the organization is still putting together weekly care packages for people displaced by the disaster. Their headquarters and kitchen is located just a short walk from Akihabara Station.

It’s Not Just Mud

This is a…

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