ALT Online Resources

There are several websites dedicated to the Assistant Language Teacher living in Japan. If you’re a JET Setter like myself, then most likely your prefecture will even have its own website/blog for you to get past lessons from your predecessors and alumni. Lesson planning can be difficult at first if you’ve never done so before, but with these helpful links hopefully you’ll be getting the hang of it in no time!

Junior High School

  •  Englipedia is my go to website when I need to make a lesson. They’ve got worksheets divided into relevance for each section of the current textbooks for elementary, junior, and high schools in Japan. They also have warm up activities and non-textbook sections.
  • Eigo Ganbare is a fairly new website that’s mainly dedicate to the junior high school textbooks and the Eiken Test Prep.
  • English WebBook is a site for the Columbus textbook series for JHS, but you can easily modify the worksheets for other textbooks
  • Let’s Teach English is a JHS website that’s grammar focused rather than lesson focused like Englipedia or Eigo Ganbare.
  • Akita-ken AJET Community has some nice teaching resources for ALTs, and no you don’t have to be a JET to use them.

Elementary School

  • Genki English  is a super popular English as a Second Language resource used primarily by elementary school teachers.
  • Dear Successor… is a PDF packet from the Akita-ken AJET Community that’s for new elementary school ALTs.


  • MES English is a site for any and all flashcards you’d ever need and some worksheet templates as well.
  • Dave’s ESL Cafe is a great site for Teachers of English as a Second Language, devoted mostly to English conversation.


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